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My name is Lance Hughes, I have a absolutely stunning wife named Jessica Hughes, a beautiful daughter named Layni Blake Hughes and we are the owners of Relentless Apparel Company.  I wanted to take a moment to give you a little back story about how the brand started and what I want this brand to become.  It all started in 2012 when I was needing some self motivation at the gym.  This is where having a graphic design degree came in handy.  I have always had the dream of having my own clothing line so I thought of what I wanted my brand to be about in one word.  That word I could not get out of my head was RELENTLESS.  So I came up with  a logo and made me a few shirts to wear at the gym.  Very quickly people started to ask me about my shirts and about where I got them from, and after my workout that evening I went home and made a new design and started selling my shirts at the gym in limited quantity.  That is how the motivational apparel brand  "Team Relentless" was born.  I never knew how to turn Relentless Apparel Co. into an actual business at that time because I was young and just making shirts for fun.  Moving forward all the way to 2020, we all know that was not a great year for many people and I am not talking bout from just a business stand point.  I am talking about Mental Health.  In 2020 I fell into a very dark place mentally to the point of when I looked in the mirror my physical body was there yes, but I had numb, piercing eyes and the darkness that filled my head would be on the other end of my reflection.  The piercing eyes would stare back into mine with an evil grin that would turn into a smile as to say "I control you now."  This started many months of the worst mental torture you can imagine.  I eventually was able to defeat the darkness, but that doesn't mean that it leaves forever.  It is a constant battle that I would have continued to lose if I didn't let Jesus Christ into my life to save me and help me fight my demons.  There are so many people dealing with their own version of mental health daily.  I want this brand to help spread Mental Health Awareness because I feel many people workout to help them have not only a healthy body but a healthy mind as well.  Sometimes a person may just need to know they are not alone in order to open up to someone who can relate.  I am hoping by spreading awareness through the Relentless Apparel will allow more people to open up about what they are going through. A simple question such as "where did you get that shirt" could spark a conversation that could turn someones life around.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope to see Relentless Apparel all across the nation by motivating people to hit one more rep or run one more mile.  But I also want see Relentless Apparel help spread Mental Health Awareness all across the nation.

We can do it together!


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